McDavitt Veterinary Clinic

Piroplasmosis Testing

Michigan Piroplasmosis Testing

Michigan no longer required piroplasmosis tests on horses from Indiana.

Kentucky Piroplasmosis Testing

All horses entering Kentucky racetracks (all breeds) are required to have a current negative piroplasmosis test.

Indiana Piroplasmosis Testing

Beginning March 1, 2011, Indiana is requiring a current negative piroplasmosis test for all horses entering Indiana racetracks where a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse meet is being held. This is a blood test that must be drawn by a veterinarian.

Equine Piroplasmosis Testing

Michigan is currently requiring all horses entering the state from Indiana to have a negative Piroplasmosis (Theileria equi) test.  This must be documented on the Health Certificate for legal entry into the state of Michigan.  This is a blood test that must be sent to an approved laboratory, and may take 1-2 weeks to receive results.  Please contact the office if you have any questions.